Dulwich Hamlet Junior School

Dulwich Hamlet Junior School (DHJS) is an outstanding school and just like the Infants school has been for a very long time. The school recently converted to an Academy, but so far not much has changed.

What kind of children go here?

Given that the majority of children starting at the Hamlet come from DVIS, the make-up of the school is very similar. (middle class, relatively affluent)

What is the school especially good at?

It is an outstanding school generally but it's music provision is much better than most primary schools. The school offers a really wide range of music tuition and the cost of music lessons is much cheaper than private lessons. Once the children have reached a certain level they are asked to join the various music ensembles.

How big is it?

There are 3 classes per year. However in 2014, the Hamlet will take the bulge class which is currently working its way through DVIS. The school goes from Year 3 to Year 6.

Where do children go when they leave here?

The majority of children go to The Charter School (usually between about 50 and 60). The rest go in much smaller numbers to Dulwich College, Alleyns, Greycoats, St Dunstans, JAGS, Sydenham Girls and occasionally Kingsdale.